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Woman’s Exchange Gets Trademark for Iconic Cherry Dress

Hi lovers, The iconic cherry dress sold exclusively by the Woman’s Exchange in St. Louis has been worn by the children of national leaders, world celebrities and well-to-do St. Louisans for more than fifty years. Now, it has Federal Trademark protection, a move to stave off a recent rise in knockoffs. Thompson Coburn associate Justin Mulligan wrote the 60-page brief that ultimately made the trademark possible. The most famous law firm handled the case pro bono after the exchange approached them to explore possibilities to keep others from profiting on the design.

Woman's Exchange Gets Trademark Iconic Cherry Dress

According to Elizabeth Southern, chairman of the board for the Woman’s Exchange, said they needed the protection because local women make a living sewing theUS$120 dress, and it now helps support a refugee and immigrant training program. According to the exchange, 70% of the proceeds from the dress are given to the makers, who invest 10 to 12 hours to construct each garment.