Venus Williams Devastated After Fatal Crash

Venus Williams Devastated After Fatal Crash

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Tennis champion Venus Williams could not contain her emotions when asked about the fatal crash she allegedly caused

The older Williams sister broke down on Monday when journalists asked her about the tragic incident. The former Wimbledon and US Open champion was involved in an accident in June, when a 78-year-old man was killed. Williams, who is facing a wrongful death lawsuit, said she was devastated. “Completely devastating, speechless. I am just…” she was quoted saying in a Fox News article.

According to a report by witnesses, the tennis star had passed through a red robot. However, William’s legal representative disputed this.

“Ms Williams entered the intersection on a green light. The police report estimates that Ms Williams was travelling at 5mph (about 8km/h) when Mrs Barson crashed into her,” Malcolm Cunningham, Williams’ lawyer, said in a statement to CNN.

“Authorities did not issue Ms Williams with any citations or traffic violations. This is an unfortunate accident and Venus expresses her deepest condolences to the family who lost a loved one.”

The daughter of 78-year-0ld victim Jarome Barson’s daughter Audrey Gassner-Dunayer has accused Williams of being reckless and careless in documents filed in Palm Beach County.

“Linda Barson’s grief, mental pain, and suffering caused by the wrongful death of her husband is compounded by her own severe physical injuries sustained from this motor vehicle crash,” reads one statement.

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