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Top 10 Famous Types of Sarees in India

Saree is very famous in girls and woman around the world, but especially in Asian countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. So here we can discuss some information about Top 10 Famous Types of Sarees in India and Latest Saree and Blouse Designs.The main reason is that it is the most beautiful creation of the God, And Indian women are most considered as the beautiful in the world. This traditional of wear the Sarees in Indian women from many years and this trend is more increases with the passage of time in a woman. And recently many famous and educated Saree designers are coming in this field and they are introduced the lot of variety of Saree designs in market, internet and social media. Saree is the most sensuous outfit which makes a woman attractive and charming. The Indian woman of every age always prefers to wear sarees in the many traditions and auspicious occasion of her happy life.

Top 10 Famous Types of Sarees in India

Fashion trend is changing with time, but saree is only one of the attire trends which never changes but also its fabrics, colors and pattern keep on changing with time and trends. There is various traditional style of Saree are available in the Indian market but every women wants to add these Top 10 Famous Types of Sarees in their wardrobe. Check Here Stylish Sarees Designs For Women here we provide you Top 10 Famous Types of Sarees in India which are very famous in Indian Girls, Women, Old aged, and also these Saree designs are easily available in Indian market with reasonable prices and also lot of variety of colors and designs as per your requirement with the weather season in India.

Banarasi Sarees

Banarasi Saree is including in the list of one of the most beautiful Indian Saree. The main Manufacturer of this Saree is Banaras and now it is known as Varanasi, the holy city of India. Sarees from Banaras are considered as one of the best quality Saree in India and especially known for heavy work of Silver, Gold and Brocade on Saree. Banarasi Sarees are not only as traditional attire, but it is a symbol of Union, Pride, Happiness and Celebration for Indian women.

Silk Sarees

Silk sarees are one of the most beautiful and attractive Saree of India and much popular among the Indian women. The reason of its known as paat in eastern India, pattu in southern India and Resham in Hindi. Silk Sarees are not only famous in India even almost around the world for its design, vibrant, Printed Fine Texture, Colors and Embroidered Sarees. These beautiful Sarees are especially used during the wedding or famous festival celebration in the most part of south India. Silk Sarees are well known from Mysore Silk Sarees, Kanchipuram Silk Sarees and Bhagalpur Silk Sarees which are also available in different variants like Cot Silk Saree, Embroidery Silks, Printed Silk and Pure Raw Silk.

Chanderi Sarees

This is another very famous type of Saree in India its name is Chanderi Sari and it is one of the most favorite Saree of Indian women, it is made with mix of silk and cotton. Due to very light weight and it is easy to carry or wear, it’s become one of the most ideal and first choice of India woman. Chanderi is based a small town situated in Ashoknagar district of heartland of India which is called Madhya Pradesh, Another main reason of its popularity it is for brocades and muslin. This famous Sarees from Chanderi are Silk Chanderi Saree and Cotton Chanderi silk Sarees.

Bandhani Sarees

This type of Saree is a traditional and Bandhej Saree or Bandhani Saree is a form of tie and dyed practice of many designing patterns on a Saree. These are well known in Gujarat and Rajasthan states and it is available in all possible colors, variety and reasonable price range. The pink city Jaipur is very famous for Bandhani Sarees,

Tant Sarees

It is also very famous attire from the state West Bengal, Bengali Sarees is vibrant in different colors and always easy to handle for every type of occasion. Tant Saree is famous for its transparency, lightness and comfort, it is available in a wide range of design, color and style in the Indian market. This type of Saree is also well known as evergreen Saree because of it can be worn as a casual wear as well as a party or festival wear. The comfortableness and eligibility of the Tant Saree makes it different from other Indian Sarees and Bengali Women first choice is Tant Saree.

Chiffon Sarees

Chiffon Saree is one of the most elegant Saree among all other Indian Sarees. The fabric Chiffon Sarees are most popular because of its trend look with its unique quality and easily available in lot of colors with embroidery. Chiffon is made from Silk, Cotton and Synthetic Fiber. Party Wear chiffon fabric Sarees in various colors, styles and trends makes it one of the first choices of beautiful young Indian Girls and Woman.

Kosa Sarees

Kosa Sarees is also one of finest Saree and it gives a royal look to Indian and every woman. Kosa is type of silk found in trees like Sal and Saja and it is available in different colors, designs and pattern. The price of kosa Saree depends on the original purity of the Silk and Handwork.

Sambalpuri Sarees

Sambalpuri Sarees are including in the ranked of most beautiful Sarees in India and its pride of Orissa. The pure hand loom Sarees is made from Silk, Soft Cotton, and Taussor, it is also known as Ikat and Sambalpuri saree locally named as shadhi. Sambalpuri Sarees has a strip of unstitched fabric from four to nine meters in length, which help to wrapped over the body in various style. This type of Saree was first time produced in the Sambalpur district of Indian state Orissa there for it is called Sambalpuri Sarees.

Georgette Sarees

Georgette Sarees is also one of the most affordable Saree for Women and it is easily available in vast shades with ornamental work. Best feature of Georgette Sarees are easy to handling, easy washable and can be worn in every style and lovely prints which makes it very first choice of air hostess. It also offers a huge range of patterns like Jaal Embroidered Georgette, Designer Georgette Sarees and Pure Georgette Sarees.

Nauvari Sarees

Nauvari Saree is famous as a traditional Maharashtrian Saree, Its nine yard long traditional Saree of Marwari women. Maharashtrian Nauvari Saree has a unique way of wearing style, It is worn without petticoat and in kaccha style.