iPhone just turned 10 years old but Apple's greatest challenge is in the next decade

The iPhone just turned 10 years old but Apple’s greatest challenge is in the next decade

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You might have heard, the iPhone turned 10 years old this week. Apple has good reason to celebrate. The iPhone turned Apple from a manufacturer of trendy computers and music players into the world’s most valuable company. The App Store is an economy unto itself. And all new smartphones, no matter who makes them or which operating system they run, are measured against the iPhone — and (mostly) fall short of the bar set by Apple.
As we enter the second decade of the smartphone revolution, Apple is still the one to beat. But that strength is also Apple’s biggest vulnerability.
Apple’s biggest rivals — including Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and Google — are all plotting to systematically undermine the Apple empire. And they all know that Apple’s dependency on the status quo is a golden opportunity for them to steal the advantage.
Green-eyed monster
Apple’s iPhone dominance is grating to pretty much anybody who doesn’t work at the company. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has long lamented that the social network didn’t build a smartphone platform while it had the chance; Amazon has removed the ability to buy Kindle books from an iPhone rather than pay Apple its standard 30% cut.
Sure, Google’s Android is a far more popular smartphone operating system than Apple iOS. But it’s Apple’s iPhone that captures the majority of the profits in the smartphone market.

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