Taco Bell's $1 Nacho Fries Now On Sale

Taco Bell’s $1 Nacho Fries Now On Sale

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Get ready to indulge in Taco Bell’s latest value menu addition. Earlier this month, Taco Bell announced its plan to roll out their latest addition to their famed dollar menu selection, the nacho fries. According to a press release, the fast food chain promised their valued customers that “the most-anticipated menu item release of the year will be available crisped to perfection with bold Mexican seasoning and served with a dippable side of warm Nacho Cheese.”

Needing a heartier serving size than just the $1 option? Don’t sweat it, as this sizzling Mexican-inspired ancillary option is also available in “Supreme for $2.49 or Bell Grande for $3.49, topped with beloved Taco Bell add-ons, including beef, Pico de Gallo, Nacho Cheese and sour cream. Bonus features will include a $5 box with fries, a Doritos® Locos Taco, a Cheesy Gordita Crunch and Medium Drink.”

The company had announced that they will be updating their menus with this hotly-anticipated item on January 25th. Now all you lucky fast food connoisseurs can get your hands on this cheesy delight at any Taco Bell location across the nation.

However, there is one catch; the fries are only around for a limited time. If you’re going to want to satiate yourself, do it quick, as they may be pulled from stores faster than you can say Gordita Crunch.

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