Syrian Cinematographer Khaled Khateeb Barred from Attending the Oscars by Trump

Khaled Khateeb the Syrian Cinematographer just 21-year-old worked on Oscar 2017 Nominated Documentary The White Helmets, has been denied entry into the US for the Academy Awards show on Sunday, Feburary 26.The Associated Press reported that, Khateeb has been blocked from the country after the Department of Homeland Security found “derogatory” information about him, "an official term that can mean anything from terror connections to passport irregularities", Deadline reports. This is the second time that Khateeb has borne the brunt of Trump's politics.

Syrian Cinematographer Khaled Khateeb Barred

When asked a spokeswoman for the Federal Agency about the findings, she said earlier, when Trump's proposed travel ban prohibited entry into the U.S. from seven predominately Muslim Countries, including Syria, it looked “unlikely” that Khateeb would be able to attend the Oscars 2017 in Los Angeles.