Samsung Launches new Tablets in Flagship Phone Hiatus

Top ranking Samsung Electronics Company Launched two new Tablets on Sunday 26 Feb, 2017 marking its first major announcement since being forced to withdraw the flagship Galaxy Note 7 smartphone after some of the devices caught fire. Latest Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 and the Galaxy Book were presented at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, in past years the scene of major Samsung launches.
This year, Samsung has postponed the presentation of the Galaxy S8, its next key device. Instead, it took the wraps off the Galaxy Tab S3 and the Galaxy Book, which comes in a 10.6-inch and a 12-inch version with latest features and specification. The Galaxy Book will run on Microsoft Windows 10.

Samsung Launches new Tablets in Flagship Phone Hiatus

The Tab S3 will have speakers by Harman-owned AKG, Samsung’s first use of the brand since agreeing to buy Harman for estimated $8 billion previous year. Samsung withdrew the Galaxy Note 7 last October after faulty batteries led some devices to catch fire, leading to a loss of consumer trust, wiping out $5.3bn of operating profit, and allowing Apple’s iPhone to overtake it in sales.

Samsung’s smartphone market share dropped to 17.6% in the fourth quarter, while Apple’s rose to 17.8pc, according to market research firm Strategy Analytics. Samsung is expected to launch the Samsung S8 in April. In the meantime, dozens of device makers are launching new phones at Mobile World Congress, hoping to exploit the gap Samsung has left.

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