Samsung Galaxy S8 Feature Navigation Physical Buttons, may get an S Pen Accessory

World's most famous brand Samsung will drop physical keys from the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8. According to David Ruddock, Samsung will replace capacitive keys with software navigation keys. This is amazing feature software navigation keys will come with 3D-touch like functionality.

A physical home button and two capacitive keys on either side has been a trademark for Samsung phones. Ruddock also confirm the soft keys that will be pressure sensitive can be configurable/customizable, as well. As Samsung Company will do away with the home button and capacitive keys, the Galaxy S8 will sport a tiny bottom bezel. The Galaxy S8 is also expected to sport the fingerprint sensor at the back and Samsung is doing away with the home button at the front.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Feature Navigation Physical Buttons, may get S Pen

However, exact placement of the Fingerprint Sensor is not known. According to online sources, Galaxy S8 might be the first smartphone to feature optical fingerprint recognition technology so that the fingerprint sensor could be embedded inside the display itself instead of placing it under the home button.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Reveal Confirmed for March 29 in New York City

Good news for Samsung users around the world, because Samsung has now confirmed as part of its 2017 Mobile World Congress announcements that it will hold another press event in New York City USA on Wednesday, March 29. This popular event is supposed to officially reveal “the next Galaxy” smartphone, also known as the Samsung Galaxy S8. The event itself will begin at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time. Read More

Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date in Pakistan:

The phone is likely to be available in Pakistan within 2-3 weeks of the announcement of this smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Prices in Pakistan:

The price will be a little higher because of augmented component expenses. Samsung needs to recover money as soon as possible with S8 and that is also a valid reason for the affordable price.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Specifications:

Screen: 5.1-inch screen, 4K Display with 3840 x 2160 pixels resolution
Processor: Not Announced Yet
OS: Android 7.0 Nougat
Memory: 64/128 GB
Battery: 4000mAh Li-ion Not Removable
Camera: 20MP (Expected) Rear, 8MP Front Camera