Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Why the 'new' relaunched version should Not Explore

Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Why the ‘new’ relaunched version should Not Explore

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 conducted a lengthy investigation into the matter and, as widely expected, a multitude of battery faults were to blame. The first issues were traced back to the batteries manufactured by Samsung subsidiary Samsung SDI.

Samsung said the main problem with them was that “the negative electrode was deflected in the upper-right corner”, but added that an incorrectly located negative electrode tip was an issue too.

The company’s response to the initial wave of explosion reports was to expand production of Note 7s equipped with batteries made by a separate supplier, Hong Kong-based Amperex Technology. Unfortunately, these were also faulty.

“High welding burrs on the positive electrode resulted in the penetration of the insulation tape and separator which then caused direct contact between the positive tab with the negative electrode,” explained Samsung in January, adding that a number of Amperex Technology-made Note 7s were also missing insulation tape.
Safety checks

The Note 7 catastrophe prompted multiple grovelling apologies from Samsung executives, and led to the firm pushing back the launch of the Galaxy S8.

Before its unveiling, the company announced its new ‘8-Point Battery Safety Check’, a rather dull breakdown of its manufacturing process designed to convince consumers that none of the huge errors it made with the Note 7 would ever happen again.

Unfortunately for Samsung, it also had the effect of causing an increasing number of them to question why such a process wasn’t already in place.

The ‘new’ Galaxy Note 7

Following months of rumours, Samsung has confirmed that it will re-launch the Note 7 as the Note 7 ‘Fan Edition’ on 7 July.

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