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Refurbished Verizon Gear S2 Buy Just $99.99 on eBay

Refurbished-Verizon-Gear-S2-Buy-Just-99.99-on-eBay-150x150Refurbished Verizon Gear S2 Buy Just $99.99 on eBaycelebrity newsVerizon Refurbished Gear S2 eBayGood news for everyone, because Refurbished Verizon Gear S2 is easily buy $99.99 on world most famous eBay company. You can buy a refurbished Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 wearable for as low as US$99.99, which is a substantial price drop over Big Red's regular pricing of US$349.99. Only the black version of the wearable is up for grabs as the white one is already out of stock. But the reason is that, why should we consider this smartwatch and not another arguably better-looking rival?

One reason - it's a standalone device that has its own SIM slot which lets you tap into Verizon's data network without the necessity of pairing it with a compatible smartphone. Online Shopping

Refurbished Verizon Gear S2 Buy Just 99.99 eBay