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Which Reason President Trump Can Learn From Nelson Mandela

In stating on Friday that Republicans are "going through the inevitable growing pains of being an opposition party to becoming a governing party", House Speaker Paul Ryan was identifying a phenomenon that has lot of diffcult challenged can be faced of new governments around the world and tripped up quite a few.

It constitutes a test for US President Trump, along with members of his team who have no prior public-sector experience, and the elites who lead Republican lawmakers in Congress and at the state level. Their success making the adjustment from politics to administration will have important economic, financial, institutional, political and social implications.

To those of us who have been interested in political transitions around the world, which reason is taking place in the US President Trump can be reminiscent of a more general phenomenon that has repeatedly played out in the developing world. In particular, it’s one that has hit hard in countries seeking to pivot away from colonial rule, especially those where freedom fighters, invigorated by their triumph over the evil of deeply embedded discrimination, struggled and failed to deliver on their promise of social justice and more inclusive growth.
Former President of South Africa Nelson Mandela is, in my opinion, the best modern example of a leader who understood the hardest complexities of the transition from opposition to governing. In leading South Africa away from many years of repressive apartheid rule, one of his first challenges was to equip his new government with the ability to govern effectively, secure early wins and sell to his citizens a vision that helped protect against unanticipated internal and external shocks can be faced of every person arund the world.