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PCB to Rope in Country’s Greats to Groom Youngsters

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has finally decided to rope in former cricket greats to train budding sportsmen, PCB sources told APP on Friday 12 August.

“The board is very seriously considering hiring the services of former players to train young players in cricket academies across the country,” as per online source said.

Director Academies Muddasir Nazir in a recent meeting with board's top officials proposed the move to avail the services of former players, some of whom are settled abroad.

PCB to Rope in Country's Greats to Groom Youngsters

Sources has also confirm, “If these former players agree to train youngsters, it'll give a great boost to the game of cricket in Pakistan, adding that Muddasir had completed his strategy for grooming players.

The source added that the PCB, agreeing with Muddasir, had given the go-ahead to contact former cricketers of Pakistan. Image Source