iLifeSmart Rear View Baby Backseat Mirror

iLifeSmart Rear View Baby Backseat Mirror


iLifeSmart Rear View Baby Backseat Mirror is very famous item, To have a trip with a baby is interesting but annoying. Cute babies can bring you a lot of fun, but at the same time, you have to spend much energy and time to take care of them, especially in the car. Luckily, we have this amazing car baby mirror to help you solve driving problems with babies. You just need to take a glance at it, which takes you several seconds, and you’ll know the little angel’s conditions. Hope it can bring you happy time and safe driving.

– See more details: the curved mirror can provide you a wider vision, you can see the baby from head to toe and vice versa. Even the baby moves, you can easily notice his or her emotions and states
– Can be adjusted: come with a ball-shaped regulator, you can adjust the mirror to any direction ( 15 degrees for level angle and 180 degrees for vertical angle ), convenient for you to find the best angle to see the baby
– Safe to use: adopt PMMA material, light weight ( 1/2 lighter than same thickness glass ) and good impact resistant ( 16 times than normal glass ). It is nontoxic for a long time using, environmentally friendly and healthy for you and your baby
– Durable to use: with high-quality ABS frame, heat resistance, and low-temperature resistance, protect the mirror from breaking, promise a long service life. There is no need to worry about changing it in a short time
– Easy to install: the crossed type tapes are easy to be fixed on the back seat pillow, suitable for everyone and most kinds of cars. You can install it in only 30 seconds.

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