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HTC One E9s Dual Sim Operating Smartphone is Quietly Launches

HTC is very famous brand in world and always launched very good quality smartphone in current and previous years. So now here's to Change, HTC's motto, which the company took to heart. Current week it's the HTC One E9s Dual-Sim operating system smartphone was put up on the HTC India website without any official announcement. It is not so much a variant of the One E9, let alone a premium upgrade as the suggests, this is more of a Desire 820 refresh. A 5.5" 720p display size screen (the base E9 is at 1080p), is very thicker and heavier, but with a smaller battery than the E9, slower chipset too.

So if we can compare the HTC One E9s dual sim to the Desire 820 is slightly more favorable, but even then it's not a clear win against the late in the year of 2014 model. And reading the fine text produces yet more face palm moments, like leaving 8.5GB of user-available storage on a 16GB device. However, the phone packs a 13MP camera on the back plus a 4MP Ultra Pixel selfie shooter on the front, a MediaTek MT6752M chipset (octa-core at 1.5GHz, 2GB RAM) and LTE connectivity with two SIM cards. It has fully stereo system in speakers and Dolby audio too.