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These ETFs Could Make Your 2017 a Happy New Year

ACelebrityNews.com News Desk: ETFs Make 2017 Happy New Year: Everybody around the world can awaiting and looking ahead to 2017, there’s one thing investors can be sure of: no one knows anything. If we look ath Stock Market continue minting records (and will the Dow finally surpass 20,000), or will the multiyear bull market get slaughtered? What impact will it have on the economy if the Federal Reserve does what it recently implied and raises interest rates three times next year 2017? Is the optimism that traders have over President-elect Donald Trump justified, or will the “Trump rally” go the way of Trump Steaks?

ETFs Make 2017 Happy New Year

While most expect passive investing to continue to be favored over active, other trends are up in the air. In such an unhappened environment around the world, here are a few exchange-traded funds that investing experts picked for next year 2017. The choices span the market, looking at different regions, sectors, and asset classes. Given the infinite number of ways the market could move next year, they may not all pay off, but all are worth keeping an eye on. We hope 2017 is coming with best emvironmnets for everyone. Image Source