Donald Trump Offers help Terminally ill Baby Charlie Gard

Donald Trump Offers help for Terminally ill Baby Charlie Gard

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White House staff say they have spoken to British family who lost long legal fight to take son to US for treatment. Donald Trump has offered to help the parents of a terminally ill baby who lost a legal fight to take him to the United States for treatment.

The US president said he would be delighted to help Charlie Gard, whose parents wanted him to undergo a therapy trial in the US to treat a rare genetic condition.

Members of the Trump administration have talked to the 10-month-old’s family, a White House spokeswoman said on Monday. “Our goal is not to pressure but simply to be helpful if possible in this very difficult and heartbreaking situation,” Sarah Huckabee Sanders told the Guardian.

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Helen Aguirre Ferré, the director of media affairs at the White House, added: “Upon learning of baby Charlie Gard’s situation, President Trump has offered to help the family in this heartbreaking situation.

“Although the president himself has not spoken to the family, he does not want to pressure them in any way, members of the administration have spoken to the family in calls facilitated by the British government. The president is just trying to be helpful if at all possible.

“Due to legal issues, we cannot confirm the name of doctor or hospital where the baby could be treated in the United States.”

It is understood an American hospital has offered to treat Charlie free of charge, although his family has received donations totalling more than £1.3m to take him across the Atlantic for therapy.

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