Close Call Horn 9th Round vs Pacquiao

Close Call for Horn in 9th Round vs Pacquiao

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Being at his prime at 29, Horn got his legs back in no time and surprised Pacquiao by again taking the offensive in the 10th.
Like two true warriors they furiously traded punches the rest of the way and as the final bell sounded in the 12th, Pacquiao vainly showed that he still has some gas left with a brief shadow boxing display. But the judges were unimpressed.

Especially New Yorker Waleska Roldan, who scored the bout 117-111 for Horn, even as fellow judges Chris Flores and Ramon Celdran handed 115-113 scores for Horn. After the 10th round, Rushton informed Horn that it was a very close fight so he better poured it all. Horn did and pulled off the major shocker.
As predicted by Rushton, the bout lived up to hype. “Like an Ali-Frazier fight,” and, definitely, a strong candidate for Fight of the Year. “Visit Inquirer Sports’ The Pacquiao Files for news, features, and other multimedia content about Manny Pacquiao and his upcoming fights.”

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