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Apple’s App Store Sales Revenue Estimated $28 Billion

ACelebrityNews.com 05 Jan 2017: World's most famous and top ranking company Apple Inc.’s App Store generated record revenue estimated $20 billion for developers in previous year 2016, according company statement Thursday 05 January 2017, as that business roughly maintained its growth rate even as iPhone sales volumes declined.The figure implies the App Store’s total revenue topped $28.50 billion, with Apple collecting about $8.5 billion based on its 30% share of sales. If we look at past years, Apple just said its App Store billings were over $20 billion in 2015, suggesting developers took more than $14 billion and Apple’s revenue topped $6 billion.

Apple's App Store Sales Revenue Estimated $28 Billion

That implies growth of approximately 40% in 2016, in line with the growth Apple was estimated to deliver in 2015. It is hard to say definitively, because Apple doesn’t provide exact figures for comparison. App Store revenue has soared over the years on rising sales of iPhones world-wide, but with iPhone volumes down in the last fiscal year, growth came from a mix of surging sales in China, new games and rising subscription billings. Apple give the statement previous year’s sales of apps rose 90% in China, where the App Store has faced pressure from the government. On Wednesday, Apple confirmed that it had pulled the New York Times from its App Store in China, following a request from Chinese authorities. Source | Source