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Apple, What you Need to do to Succeed in India in 2017

Apple is one of the most famous company around the world, the year 2016 started off on a promising note for Apple in India. If we look at in the month of May 2016, CEO Tim Cook paid his maiden visit to the country. Not only did he meet with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi but Cook also wooed the public by visiting temples, attending Bollywood parties, and watching cricket matches.

Apple Need Succeed India 2017

The company also struck a deal in the month of October with Reliance Jio, an LTE mobile operator in India, which plans to roll out 4G coverage in estimated 18,000 cities and 200,000 villages across the country in October. Apple is also setting up a distribution center on the outskirts of India’s commercial capital, Mumbai, so its products are “rarely sold out at the retail level” and they can achieve “common pricing for offline and online sales.”